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Join Mercy Hospice by Walking
with and for those in Recovery

by participating in
Virtual Recovery Walks in September

For over a decade, Mercy Hospice has participated in the annual Pro-Act Recovery Walk sponsored by The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania, which regularly draws over 25,000 participants. Held during National Recovery Month each September, the walk gathers members of the recovery community as well as friends and loved ones who “walk with them” in solidarity and support. 

This year, unfortunately, the pandemic has interrupted plans for physically walking together through downtown Philadelphia. Instead, organizers are promoting a Virtual Walk in which friends, family, neighbors, supporters and those who work in recovery can “walk together in spirit” with persons who have suffered from addiction and are now on the road of recovery. Pro-Act has designated Saturday, September 12 as the primary date to do “recovery walks” on our own or with a few others while maintaining safe social distancing and mask wearing. They have also suggested Wednesday evenings or any day during September as alternatives. 


  • PLAN A VIRTUAL WALK WITH MERCY HOSPICE DURING SEPTEMBER!  Tell others you are going to walk in support of those in recovery. You might walk with a few others, even someone you know who is in recovery, or in memory of someone you knew who succumbed to addiction.
  • MAKE A DONATION BY SOLICITING SPONSORS TO PLEDGE SUPPORT FOR YOUR WALK.  Your gift to Mercy Hospice is a concrete way of letting the women we serve know that they are not alone, that others are “walking with them” in their steps toward sobriety and independent living.  

Join us as ambassadors for those who daily battle addiction, as together we witness to the world that “Recovery IS Possible!”  To register with Mercy Hospice as a “Virtual Recovery Walks Participant” this year, fill in the form below:

    ► I plan to walk miles on with (any fellow walkers?)

    ► I am walking in honor of ( a person in recovery)

    ► I am walking in memory of (someone I know whose life was robbed by addiction)

    ► I pledge to give $ after completing my walk(s) as an expression of support for Mercy Hospice and your work with women in recovery!

    ► I want to make a donation now to Mercy Hospice Recovery Walk Campaign

    Make A Donation Now

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