Welcome to Mercy Hospice.



Mercy Hospice is a community grounded in faith and service, where women and children without permanent housing can find opportunities for a new beginning.


We strive to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and support in which individuals and families can heal and grow in their ability to lead fulfilling, self-sufficient lives.



Mercy Hospice has served homeless and near homeless women and children for over thirty-five years. In the 1970s, homeless women became more visible in the streets and abandoned buildings of Philadelphia. Concerned about the emerging need, Catholic Social Services partnered with the Sisters of Mercy and opened a shelter for women, now known as Mercy Hospice.


In 1976, the first shelter was opened at 12th and Sansom Streets. Two years later, Mercy Hospice moved to its present site at 334 South 13th Street. It is here that we continue to provide guidance and support to women and children in need.