I came to Mercy with nothing! I had just gotten out of prison and inpatient D&A treatment. I had nobody and nothing. When I came to Mercy they let me in with open arms and said they would help me. Now I’m not used to people helping me because of my past so I was very doubtful, nervous and scared. Everything Mercy said they would do for me, they did. They helped me get back on my feet. I finally got my photo id, social security card, birth certificate and food stamps all because of my case manager Stacy. After not seeing my daughter for 15 months I was finally ready and able to see her because of the woman I have become. Anything that I needed I went to Stacy and she did whatever she could do to help me. I came to Mercy a broken woman and I am leaving today 8/21/14 not completely fixed, but I am well on my way.

-Asia, Resident